Welcome to the Virtual Laboratory of NextTechnologies Kft.!

What is the Virtual Lab?

A controlled online space in which those interested in technical, natural sciences and innovations can join a scientific community forum. A forum created for the cultivation of open science. Which collects the latest scientific results instantly - even information that a registered user wants to publish. The Virtual Laboratory dynamically develops community knowledge in many scientific fields.

  • Our goal was to create an interactive, motivating, functional interface that also meets the expectations of the future scientific community.
  • By creating the framework of the Virtual Laboratory, we want to involve motivated members of the community in the content development by making them interested in joint work with our announced tender programs.
  • Our long-term commitment to the cultivation of science and the communication of science is a guarantee that we will be able to carry out this activity successfully for a long time.

Virtualis Lab online community for your science!

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