Beneficiary's name: Dr. Dániel Tokody (NextTechnologies Kft.)
Project title: Hogyan képzeljük el? Cobotokról, mesterséges intelligenciáról, autonóm járművekről gyerekeknek
Amount of contracted support: 12.232.000 Ft
Aid intensity: 100%.
Intended completion date of the project: 2023. 01. 31.
Project ID: MEC_N-141290

It makes the current problems of science understandable by bringing science and innovation closer to those interested and making certain technical innovations easy to try, thus contributing to increasing the social embeddedness of science. It provides insight into the operation of modern complex systems and allows you to change the internal parameters of the operation of the system in relation to the given parameter. The operation of the system using its own artificial intelligence is based on this as well. It enables the involvement of citizens, students, children in the creation of the knowledge base (artificial intelligence teaching base), by fine-tuning artificial intelligence by evaluating the decisions of artificial intelligence.